Spring Chinook Tactics:

                Join the NW Angler’s Convention on March 10th & 11th to learn how to become successful chasing these prized Salmon!  Spring Chinook can be found in the stores for $100/pound…and rightfully so!  The cold water coupled with a thick layer of fat and oil makes Spring Chinook some of the best eating fish you will find here in the Pacific Northwest!  However, a good day on the water can sometimes only amount to a handful of opportunities!  This meeting of the minds was created to aid the attendee in becoming consistent and learn how to find more success during the few chances most of us get to even chase Spring Chinook!

                Topics will cover Bank and Boat fishing alike!  From tuning plugs, proper trolling techniques, how to read your electronics, successful Plunking tactics, Bait Selection & Preparation…plus so much more!  Our instructors will also cover how to follow Spring Chinook from the Ocean, up the Columbia, Willamette and other Tributary Rivers.  This 2 day event begins with a full day of classroom training, preparing attendees for the “On The Water Training” that follows.  Day 2, join our instructors on the Columbia River and learn from the experts about the importance of Boat Control, Troll speed, Plunking Techniques, perfecting the roll on a Herring as well as any specific questions that you need answered!

Saturday – Join our speakers at Mt. Hood Community College in Troutdale, OR for 8 hours of seminars detailing new techniques, run forecasts and even how the water levels and temperature will play a role this year on our local waterways!  Every Attendee will be given a grab bag full of gear, tackle, coupons and discount codes!  Lunch is fully catered for this event…so be ready to enjoy an excellent and hearty BBQ meal!


Sunday – For those that choose to attend both days, the second part of the convention will be held on the water!  Here our instructors will offer hands on training for each attendee.  Learn how to anchor safely, how to read your graph, plunking techniques, boat control and more!  Although it is early in the season, we do tend to find a fish or two during the day’s courses!


nw anglers convention